School of Education

The programs in the School of Education have been developed in consultation with Government agencies and professional organizations to ensure that those who enroll for the Mount Kenya University, Rwanda Teacher Education program will gain instant recognition from employment agencies, professional bodies and regulation bodies.

Furthermore, the courses are tailored to meet the professional, academic and pedagogical requirements for career growth of both school graduates and practicing teachers. We constantly subject our programs to internal and external quality assurance systems to ensure that our graduates have a clear edge in the job market. Practicing teachers who want to upgrade their qualifications for the purpose of promotion are assured of depth and relevance of content.

Academic Programs

Postgraduate Diploma

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (School Based)

Undergraduate Programs

     School Based – Options

  1. Integrated Sciences & Primary Mathematics
  2. Mathematics & Physical Education
  3. Social Studies & Integrated English
  4. Social Studies & Integrated Kiswahili

Postgraduate Programs

  • Masters of Education – Planning and Management