Since the inception of the Research Division, it has had major milestones in the pursuit of its core mandates which fall under the following strategic categories: Research Institutional Linkages Enterprise and innovation Community Outreach

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a non-profit making institution established in May 2008. Its precursor is the famous Thika Institute of Technology. It was granted a Charter in January 2011 and is one of the rapidly expanding universities in East and Central Africa. It is a leading private university inclined towards science and technology programmes.

Research Division Vision

To be a leader in addressing community socio-economic needs through research and innovation.

Research Division Mission

To provide leadership in research and innovation for social and economic empowerment

Giving back to society

Researchers often carry out research without involving all the stakeholders including the community who are the principal beneficiaries of research findings and innovations.  The Research Division endeavors to involve the community in research to enable them embrace the innovations.  The university is also committed to plough back the benefits of research to the community through diverse means such as community service. In this regard, the School of Health Sciences has continued to offer medical camps to the surrounding communities and beyond.

MKUR Research at a Glance

Strategic Objectives
  • The strategic objectives of Mount Kenya University are to:
    • promote excellence in teaching, research and community service;
    • increase access and equity to quality higher education;
    •  produce graduates who can apply scientific knowledge in a fast changing technological world;
    • undertake cutting edge research for generation of knowledge;
    • disseminate knowledge to the society; stimulate innovations in applied science and technology;
    • equip learners with critical thinking and problem solving skills;
    • equip learners with both theoretical and practical skills in scientific and technological fields;
    • contribute positively to the welfare of humanity and human advancement;
    • Stimulate learners’ intellectual growth.
Research Perspective

The division is in the process of establishing a Research Centre which will house various sections including Ethno medicine and Drug Research, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cell and Tissue Culture, Microbiology and the Animal facility.  The Division in collaboration with respective Schools is in the process of establishing various Research, undergraduate as well as postgraduate academic programmes.  The Division will also enter a partnership with herbalists and KIPI to develop through research and value addition, a herbal product in what is dubbed as “Natural Product Initiative Programme”.