Masters of Information Technology (MIT)

Course Rationale

The program has been designed to recognize that its graduates will inter alia
a)    Have strong Information Technology knowledge in order to provide information that will

  1. Enable successful  performance in organization
  2. Integrate  all business organizational levels and functions
  3. Strategize business organizational systems.

Why study the program

The goal of the program is to enable students to contribute to the design, development, and maintenance of information systems and networks; provide leadership in the development of new technologies and new applications relating to the delivery of information to users.

Target Groups
Workers in Information Technology sector who wish to further their education in order to become managers of Information Technology departments and other managerial positions.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with a broad base knowledge of Information Technology in order to manage the information in modern world.
  2. To provide an understanding of perspectives that forms the context of Information Technology.
  3. To provide graduates with practical real world examples of equipment and services found in modern world.
  4. To produce an  Information Technology professional whose qualification will be recognized in the world of modern world
  5. To equip students with analytical critical thinking and problem solving skills in Information Technology.

Entry Requirements

Bachelors degree in Information Technology or a related field from a recognized university by the senate with a

  1. minimum of 2nd class honors upper division qualification. Or
  2. Bachelors degree in Information Technology or a relevant field from a recognized university by the senate with a minimum of 2nd class honors lower division qualification with a minimum of 2 years work experience.

Course Duration

The course takes duration of two academic years [4 semesters]


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