Masters of Arts in English Language and Linguistics

The Program

Language controls thought. It is through language we express our ideas and interact with other people in the society. English language has become the global lingua franca as it is the medium of communication in economic, political, social and technological interactions. With the world becoming a global village, English takes a vital role in disseminating important information in the world. This being the case, English is a major tool for development. It should therefore be given prominence as all social-economic development tools rotate around it. This curriculum intends to spring out a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the study of English language and dig out dimensions that will be used to produce scholars who will research further in this very important and useful language. There exist great need for linguistic graduates with a Master in Education with specialization in Linguistics in schools, upcoming higher learning institutions, firms and nongovernmental organizations. This is evident with the shortage experienced for linguistic specialists to fill this demand. The program has been designed to respond to the market need.

Rationale of the Program

Language is dynamic. Various social, economic, political, cultural, academic factors elicit fundamental changes in the way language is used. The study of English language and linguistics intends to widen learners‟ knowledge into the fast changing linguistic issues that present themselves every day. As a global lingua franca, the study of English language will unravel the mythical elements that bring misunderstanding among communities thus harnessing social cohesion and oneness. The study of English linguistics also intends to explore linguistic conceptual and independent research work. It will also extend into linguistic applications in various fields like education, medicine, mass media, literature, publishing and computer. Due to the functions it serves in society, it is in high demand hence necessitating offering a Master of Arts (English Language & Linguistics) in Mount Kenya University, Rwanda.

Why study the program

The Program aims at:-

  1. Producing, through linguistics, highly skilled professionals in the areas of education, mass media, politics, literature, publishing and computer application.
  2. Enhancing social-economic development globally.
  • Harnessing social cohesion in communities through use of a common medium.
  1. Producing scholars who will use the learnt theoretical skills to further research in the area of English Language and Linguistics.

Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelors degree in a relevant field from a recognized university by the senate with a minimum of 2nd class honors upper division qualification. Or
  2. Bachelors degree in a relevant field from a recognized university by the senate with a minimum of 2nd class honors lower division qualification with a minimum of 2 years work experience.

Course Duration

The course takes duration of two academic years [4 semesters]


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