Master of Public Administration & Management

Rationale of the Program

Globally, the management of workers takes place in the context of the wider environmental setting, including the fast changing patterns of organizations and attitudes to work. It is generally recognized that in a global economy, increased business competitiveness, the move towards more customer-driven markets, advances in scientific knowledge, especially telecommunications and office automation, have led to a period of constant change and the need for greater organizational flexibility especially among managers.

The power and influence of public and private organizations, the rapid spread of new technologies and the impact of various socio-economic and political factors, have attracted increase attention to the concept of corporate social responsibilities and business ethics being focused on the ethical behavior and the decisions and actions of managers and staff. This calls for the workforce to be equipped with the right skills in order to perform well to the expectations of the organizations and the societies they operate from. The MPAM programme, seeks to be multi-disciplinary in nature drawing not only from the business area but also from other disciplines such as philosophy and economics, human resource management, among others.

Why Study the Program

The program is intended to fill the forgoing identified gaps in business management skills development in the following areas: –

  1. Public policy and administration option
  2. Local government administration option
  3. Community development and N.G.O. Management option
  4. Financial Management option.