Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(Bsc.IT)

Course Rationale
Information Technology is changing continuously and rapidly. Globalization and liberalization are radically reshaping technologically, the Information Technology development practices.

The Bachelor of Science Information Technology program shall provide an interdisciplinary approach for training Information Technology professionals who need working competency in all sectors of the economy.

Why study the program
The program will therefore provide Information Technology graduates with a real world technological experience that will prepare them into the fields of Information Technology for the economic growth and prosperity of the region and world at large.

Target Groups
High School graduates and Diploma in information technology holders who wish to take a career in Information Technology sector as programmers, web developers, database designers and administrators, networking among others.
Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with a broad base knowledge of Information Technology in order to manage the information in modern world.
  2. To provide an understanding of perspectives that forms the context of Information Technology.
  3. To provide graduates with practical real world examples of equipment and services found in modern world.
  4. To provide Information Technology graduates with general knowledge and life skills such as HIV/AIDS, Entrepreneurship, Communication skills etc .
  5. To produce an  Information Technology professional whose qualification will be recognized in the world of modern worldEntry Requirements
    1. Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate with two principal passes  and a subsidiary  in any two science related subjects :Mathematics , Physics , computer, web design, Electricity or any other subject with at least 13 grade points
    2. Any other qualification recognized by Senate of Mount Kenya University, and equivalent to a Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate.
    3. Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of information technology from an institution recognized by the university senate.

    Exemptions and credit transfers

    A maximum of 15 credit transfers for diploma holders of I.T. and related diplomas recognized by the Mount Kenya University, Rwanda senate for individual subjects as per credit transfer/ exemption policy

    Course Duration

    The course takes duration of four academic years [8 semesters]


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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(Bsc.IT)

I know you are wondering if this program will cover the units that you are studying. Below is a list of all the units and the lessons contained in the units. If you are using this as a curriculum, you can see that this Algebra Course contains a very thorough study of Algebra. If you are using this as a supplement to your studies, you will find many individual lessons guaranteed to suit your needs. In order to complete the entire course in the allotted time.