Bachelor of Information Science

Course Rationale

It is imperative to ensure proper organization and dissemination of information in all institutions for their proper functioning. This has not always been the case due to lack of knowledge and skills of handling information.  In this regard, the introduction of Bachelor of Science in Information Science degree program is quite significant to fill the gaps identified in information management. Students can major in the following disciplines:

  1. Library Science
  2. Records Management
  3. Logistics Management
  4. ICT

Why study the program

The goal of the program is to enable students to contribute to the design, development, and maintenance of information systems and networks; provide leadership in the development of new technologies and new applications relating to the delivery of information to users; and demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of information science, including the theory of information storage and retrieval systems and social, political, and ethical implications of information systems.

Target Groups

High School graduates and Diploma in information technology holders who wish to take a career in Information Science as librarians and administrators among others.

Program Objectives

To harness and equip students with the current and appropriate knowledge for service to humanity in information dissemination and management

Entry Requirements

Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate with two principal passes

  1. and a subsidiary  in any subjects with at least 13 grade points
  2. Any other qualification recognized by Senate of Mount Kenya University, and equivalent to a Rwanda National Examination Council high school (secondary education) certificate.
  3. Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of information technology from an institution recognized by the university senate.

Exemptions and credit transfers

A maximum of 15 credit transfers for diploma holders in a related field recognized by the Mount Kenya University, Rwanda senate for individual subjects as per credit transfer/ exemption policy

Course Duration

The course takes duration of four academic years [8 semesters]


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